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The waste management industry in South Africa is dynamic and evolving system that is legislated by government, with far reaching implications for everyone who generates waste. The new waste management act has, for all stakeholders major consequences, from the generator to those who remove and treat it, to government who oversee the delivery of the legislation. OSS is perfectly placed to present itself as one of South Africa’s premier “one stop” suppliers of total environmental solutions necessary for businesses in Sub Saharan Africa in the 21st Century.

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As an integrated waste management provider it is incumbent upon OSS to improve waste management in South Africa and is a legislative requirement of the National Environmental Management Waste Act. The introduction of NEMA basically reformed the laws regulating waste management in South Africa provided the legislative framework around which the National Waste Management Strategy has been constructed, and is one of the cornerstones of the OSS strategy document. Furthermore the national Waste Management Strategy seeks to address South Africa’s international waste management obligations in compliance with Sections 6(1)(b), 43(1)(b) and 43(1)(d) of NEMA based on four principle hazardous waste conventions: the Rotterdam Convention, the Basel Convention, the Stockholm Convention and the Montreal Protocol which deal with particular aspects of environmental protection in turn. This is of particular interest to OSS given its cross border Sub-Saharan activities in the short term.

Although activities are regulated by the above legislation the Scope of this document is not limited to the activities of such regulated services, but also encompasses the products and technological developments of OSS, and the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that the business faces in the short medium and long term.

OSS believes that the development of products that not only comply with Global Harmonised Systems but surpass them as they are of paramount importance. The use of “Green Chemistry and Engineering” processes enables OSS to produce world class products that are renewable and sustainable. Our in house process technologies are ground breaking both in concept and design, and are based on recycling and reuse rather than disposal, and allow diversification into areas that are synergistic with the core competence of the company.

We understand legislation with regards to environmental law and passing it on to its client base. Along with providing solutions to customer needs to not only bring them into line with current legislation, but do it in such a way to add value and realise a return on investment that is sustainable. It is believed the objectives outlined in this strategy will allow OSS to deliver month on month and year on year growth in revenue and sustain shareholder value. However, this can only be achieved by delivering unparalleled levels of excellence in customer service and world class products and technology.


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