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The Triple S Thick Liner is an upgrade from standard liners with an improved heavy duty design using high quality rubber.


Liner design and their materials have changed dramatically in the past ten years.

The majority of the suppliers in China still supply the parts that were superseded by Warman in 2006. The liners are thinner and the profiles create eddies. They don’t last as long as the new design.
The majority of suppliers in China still supply the grade of rubber that was superseded by Warman in about 2010. It rarely lasts as long which doesn’t help when it’s thinner too. The majority of suppliers in China don’t have the new features that make parts easier to fit.

Triple S guarantees fit and wear life through an impproved design and higher quality material.


  • Thicker design - additional material at high wear points to prolong wear life.
  • Optimised step size - Smaller sized steps at mating joints of frame plate liner and throat bush reduce the generation of eddy currents resulting in improved wear life.
  • Higher quality rubber - the Thick Liner is made from a material equivalent to R55 which is harder and more resilient than generic rubber. This material is ideal for mill duties.


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