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Hexa Cover Barrier

The Hexa-Cover® Floating Barrier is an effective and economical way to contain trash, debris, logs, timbers and plants.
Hexa Cover

Made from a robust, impermeable PP the Hexa-Cover® Floating Barrier is equipped for short as well as long-term containment in almost any application and location.

Hexa-Cover® Floating Barrier:

  • modular (sections of 12 meter / 40´)
  • very easy installed
  • requires no maintenance


On Request:

  • Alternative length of sections.
  • Alternative dimensions of wire. 


  • Hexa-Cover® Floating Barrier is normally delivered in 40´ HC containers.

  • Approx. 250 sections (each 12 meter / 40´) = 3.000 meter Hexa-Cover® Floating Barrier per container.


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