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GreenOil Brochure

The necessity of absolute clean oil is commonly known as good practice. Downtimes and repairs may be reduced 5-10 times for hydraulic systems, 4-8 times for lubrication systems oils, and lifetime may be prolonged 4-8 times. Improved filtration is thus vital to reduce cost, repairs, and downtimes.

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The unique combined GreenOil filter yields a new top class standard for particle filtration.

Effectively removes particles from oil 

Oil replacement do not remedy particle contamination fully. Residues and silt are still present, with an off-line filter this is removed over time.

The filter process in a GreenOil filter preserves oil specification, and considering particles and water enhances quality beyond that new oil.

Removes free, emulsified and bound water

It is normally encountered that oil systems require dry oil to fulfill expectations to service lifetime. By condensation water builds up in installations not constantly operating. In any installations water ingress or contamination is a constant source for unnecessary oil change, corrosion and break-down.

The patented GreenOil water separator does not utilize any service parts and the power consumption is extremely low. The oil is not stressed by direct heating and water separation is a continuous process. The principle operates with heated air.



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